Thursday, July 08, 2010


is Boston's all time favorite thing to do!  So on his real birthday we went to the 'lindon pool.'

 some of our good friends came along with us to play!

all this kid did the whole time was surf and tried to do a "kick flip" on the surfboard, he landed it once and then fell.  The line was long but he did NOT care.  It was hard to pry him away from this thing!

man, i love this kid of mine


my darling friend rebecca made the cutest cupcakes with surfboards and waves!  So many people came up to check them out.  
she is like my own personal baker, i told her she should have her own side business! haha

happy birthday to my boy!!

this pool is pretty much our favorite spot.  the kids loved the pirate slide and the lazy river, all while Boston and his friends did the 'flowrider'




Decker Family said...

Sure do miss H & O! Those cupcakes ARE amazing- what a talent!

Birchall Family said...

First of all THANKYOU for NOT posting the swimsuit picture of all us girls, gag!!! And you look freakn hot next to Boston. You look like his sister, not his mom. Boston is such a little STUD! I love how much my boys look up to him, he is such a good example to all the little ones he is around. Happy Birthday Dude! Thanks for letting us come to your pary:)

Jenn Granum said...

Party, party party! Those cupcakes are freakin awesome! I am totally going to do those (or try to) for Chases birthday. He wants to go to flowrider too! That hot air balloon cake looks amazing too. Who did that?

{jane} said...

fun. fun. fun!

i love every single picture of sela & the twins! especially sela & livi going down the slide, holding hands - priceless. sela really loves that girl. any day that you have time for her to play, call me, i can even come and pick her up - sela asks ALL the time for livi! but, i know you are swamped with family stuff... one day.

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