Saturday, July 10, 2010

fourth of july celebrations...

were 'Spectacular' this year.

we celebrated on saturday the 3rd of July, 
sunday the "4th of july" 
and monday "the 5th of July"

this holiday is one of my favorites.  I love the parades, the colors, the patriotism everywhere, the colors of red, white and blue and the music that makes you tear up when you think of all those who we honor and who work so hard to make our country free.

'we are the home of the Brave'

I love that it was on a sunday this year.  My two favorite things...the gospel, and our country.  I LOVED in church when the congregation sang the "battle hymn of the republic" i totally lost it, the spirit was beautiful and to see so many others tearing up made my heart melt.  
We are truly blessed to be able to have freedom of religion & to live in such a beautiful country.

I love this country and am so proud to be an american.
"happy birthday america"

Cory's family got together for nana's delicious ribs & plenty of trampoline time!   Homeade ice cream and ice cream cones were to follow...

impossible to get all these cute little cousins to look at you and smile {normal} haha

cute little charlotte

livi & lucy

little miss 'chievious'


BBQ/Volleyball night at the Rhodes

swimming, volleyball tournament, croquet, & yummy food

we are big fans of "volleyball nights" at the rhodes.
  They know how to throw some fabulous summer parties.

below in the fireworks pictures,  Jane and I were experimenting with the night setting on our cameras.  I think they turned out pretty cool!

cutest little swimmers...

Boston & all his coolness



the little girlfriends...






July 5th 
Hansen family breakfast

Boston and his cousin Dalton presented the flag to start off our celebration.
We ate a delicious "kristy approved" breakfast with some other delicious treats.  The kids played Wiffle ball, balloon animals and made red, white & blue bracelets.   


My sister & I ran the 5k race at Provo's freedom festival that morning.
It was so awesome.  It's my favorite race of the year.  Everyone is dressed in the colors of our country and hot air balloons are everywhere.   Everyone {5000 runners} start the race by singing our "national anthem" and then the gun is fired and we are running through the parade route.  

It was so awesome! 
I finished in 24 minutes!!


Diana and Derek said...

You are just one party after another! Too fun!

Heather said...

I love that picture of Charlotte and the one of Liv and Lucy. Those are so darling! What a fun holiday weekend.

dulces said...

You made it to all the parties!!! WOW
I love the 4th tooooo. Great cousins picture!

Jenn Granum said...

Love all the cousins in their red, white, and blue! The firework pic of Boston is AWESOME. And 24 minutes? You speed racer!

{jane} said...

thank you for coming to our house on the fourth, i'm sure you have a ga-ZILLION family places you could have been.

love you all!

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