Tuesday, July 13, 2010

steel days...

American fork had their annual "steel days" carnival and parade. 
 Cory's family is all from american fork so we are big supporters of this festival too! 

 We played at the carnival and then on saturday enjoyed the parade!  

I love that Boston had Charlee to ride on all those "Crazy" rides, while i took the little ones on the little kids rides.  

hayes & carson 
{two peas in a pod}
olivia on the dragon ride
olivia & camry

The Parade was hot.

they threw out a ton of candy to the kids and they were loving it!
hayes was involved for a bit and then when he got most of what he wanted, he sat back and enjoyed everyone else. haha

love that kid!

Boston got hooked up with popcorns, dvd {cosmo the cougar} candy and karate chopping.  Ivy loved picking up the candy and eating it right away.  so so cute...





Anonymous said...

Looks like the kiddo's loved the fun day!

Jenn Granum said...

I love parades and cheap carni rides! Looks like a fun day!

{jane} said...

fun times! that first picture of Boston is just AWESOME!!! i love it.

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