Saturday, September 30, 2006

CLassic SKating!

We had a Fun Filled start to our Morning at Classic Skating for Chase's Birthday Party! It was from 10-12 and I took the babies and Roller skated while Boston rode his scooter & they were in their Stroller, (it was quite comical) . They had rented it out for the Party so they didn't have a ton of people everywhere, which was great! I brought Hayes & Olivia's bikes so they could play with those also.
Geoff and I were the ONLY adults who Played red light, green light.........and WON! Sometimes you just can't help pretending to be a kid!

Oh Boston had his School Carnival on friday. Which was a blast. He shot the target with a Ball and Dunked his Principal in Water! It was great, all the kids thought it was AWESOME! He also won a huge Cake on the cake walk, he was very excited.
Then I was in Charge of the Cotton Candy station, and he & Esdee would occasionally come and help make it with me. We had a blast!

Our school had a silent auction with great Baskets of everything, Our class was in charge of the Disney theme, and each class had a theme and they auctioned them all off.
I did end up winning "DREAM DINNERS" 6 dinners valued at $150 and I ended the bid @ $80! I have been wanting to try those so bad, so Yeah ME!
I am going to the Conference session tomorrow from 2-4 with witney, We are so excited, we hope the VIP seats sit us up pretty close to the front!

I will post pictures soon, It's taking forever!


Kari said...

You are so cute. So you beat all the kids at red light green light. You should feel great about yourself. Hee Hee. You know I love you!!!!

JT said...

Have a great time at conference. that will be neat.

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