Friday, March 02, 2007


Last night Olivia said "Mom, watch American Idol" ok more like (Amewican Idow) It was so funny! Because we of course watch American Idol ! Our favorites so far this season is mainly "Blake" We also like "Jared" and Now I kind of like "Sundance" .... He's kind of steppin it up!

Boston and Charlee had Gymnastics today! They love their teacher Courtney, Boston is Doing so good, He absolutley loves it! Hayes and Olivia just got to play around in the kids area with Brody and Wait for the kids to finish up!

Cory went on a Biking Weekend with some friends to St. George. They are planning 6 hr bike rides on this trail that is supposed to be quite famous! It's called "Gooseberry mesa" (sp).
I have a Soccer game tonight and that is about it for our Weekend , Just hanging out with the kids!


becky said...

How fun to take them for gymnastics. I am thinking about starting Max up at The Little Gym, get all his wiggles out!

KB said...

Go Bos!! He looks like he is doing awesome! Hayes and Olivia are so cute...Brody is too!!

Granum Family said...

So fun! I love the pictures... Hayes and Olivia are so cute and I'm so impressed with Boston's tricks! I can't even do a somersault... sad but true :)

L Johnson said...

Shannon I love your new border!!
Boston way to go!
Aunt Laurel

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