Friday, March 09, 2007


Holy COW! I am a little Irritated with who got Voted off Last night!
First of all "Sundance" over "SanJaya" um Hello.... That is just ridiculous!
And I loved Jared, I thought he did way better than the Bald Guy or Brandon!
Oh Well, I am a little bugged that "Sabrina" was voted off before "Haley" That is quite a Concern that America thinks Haley is Better than Her!
I don't really know if I can watch it anymore, Maybe I will have to find a new show to watch.
I do LOVE Blake, MY family loves him... I hope he wins!

Is it just me or is everyone else a little Frustrated?


Granum Family said...

Blake is our favorite too!!! I also think that Lakisha has a gorgeous voice. I agree... something was messed up with the voting this week!!!

Heather said...

I didn't watch, but if Sanjaya and naked whatever-her-name is is still there, I'll be mad.

Sandbergpartyof5 said...

We like Blake too. I also like Melinda Doolittle. She reminds me of Tina Turner for some reason. I can't believe The curly haired chick got kicked off (I am blanking on her name). America gets it wrong sometimes (like last year when they voted Chris Daughtry off).

JT said...

I didn't know Sundance was off, I'm a little behind on my tivo watching. Shoot! I feel your pain.

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