Wednesday, March 28, 2007


March 17th (St. Patricks day) was their official "2" year Mark!!!! It was their Due date, and They actually came home from the Hospital that same day! (Olivia first then Hayes) So it is a Great day for our Family to Celebrate! Hayes is talking alot better, he is trying to say Everything, but he just can't get past the First Syllable...Ba Ba (boston) Coo coo (cookie)
Da Da Po (daddy's Porsche) We love that one, Everytime we go in the Garage! haha
Baby Cew (baby Crew) mi mi (mickey) poo poo (pluto) And so forth! My Favorite is when he throws a Temper Tantrum and falls to the Ground with his butt in the air! It's so cute, he totally calms himself down.
He is also my little Lover, He loves to give cuddles when he isn't Climbing all over everything!
(How do you not want to just eat him up!)

My Baby Girl is finally able to wear Pony Tails! Her daddy just melts when she shows him her Cute hair do's!
Isn't this picture so Cute..... She sings the whole song to "Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star" and tells us " Dad, Mom, Sing with me"!

She is our little Smarty pants! She knows almost all of her colors and can count to 10! She talks for Hayes and tells us what to get for him. She L O V E S baby dolls, stuffed animals, Disney characters, anything that you can push in a Stroller, I guess thats the little Nurturing girl in her! We just love to watch these two play together, Cory and I just seriously Laugh at them!

Cory and his Brothers are off to ZIONS for a Brothers Trip to go Biking, Paint Balling, Rock climbing etc.... They were really excited when I said I needed to take a Picture before they left! hee hee (They know i have a Picture taking Disorder) I already did so much today, I am quite proud of myself.... I swam "10" laps at the Gym this morning, Sat in the Sauna, Showered & Got ready for the Day(which is a big one, if you know me at all) went to the Temple, Grocery Store, Sent the Boys off on there trip with some Treats and Movies, started Laundry and Now my babies are Napping...& it's only 12:30 !
I guess thats what happens when you wake up at 6:30 in the morning!


Granum Family said...

Adorable pictures!!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by! I'm sure Cory will have fun on his trip but he'll miss your cute little family!

JT said...

Good job getting the bros. for a pic before they left. I have a few too but without zak & cory. I'll try to get them up--i'm having a little trouble getting things done so your post was stressing me out. Ha!

Cute cute pics of the twins.

Jenn Granum said...

I love to see her in pig tails! It makes her look so much older. And the juicy outfit is precious! Hayes is a ham as usual. I remember not too long ago when you were going through your nightmare with them you kept saying "I just can't wait until they're 2"! Now they are and so cute and healthy. Proof of the power of prayer!

KB said...

Okay first of all...could those precious babies be ANY cuter and sweeter? I love their pictures and the stories about them...I love how Olivia is such a girl and Hayes is ALL fun is that! I hope Cory has a great time on his trip! It looks like they are all set to have a blast! And my word girl!!!! 12:30 in the afternoon and you have accomplished ALL of are setting the bar WAY TOO high...but it is giving me some much needed motivation!

Heather said...

Hey, wonder woman! I'll pat my own back by remembering that I cleaned my whole house by myself yesterday. Today was more lax.
I love those sweet babies! (who really aren't babies anymore!)

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