Sunday, April 29, 2012

hoppy easter...

we celebrated Easter all weekend.  We had lots of parties, and 
festivities to attend to on saturday so the Easter bunny came saturday morning.  
Our neighborhood does an annual Easter egg hunt saturday morning
with the kids at our park.  Some eggs have an address on the inside of the egg where the kids
 go and pick out a toy or sweet prize!  {only 2 Star eggs per child}
We thought it was so awesome! Plus the weather was incredible!!
  Boston decided last minute to do the hunt, 
so he took a few of Ivy's and ended up winning the "Grand Prize" basket.  
 so hilarious how that kid always scores the goods!

all the kids got goggles, pool toys, treats and some treats... we are now ready for summer!

i love boston's "pretending to be excited" face. haha  

you gotta love her pick of jammies.  oh boy!

after our neighborhood party, & lacrosse game for Boston, we went to
 Alpine Country Club's Egg hunt... it was so fun!  
Ivy even won a HUGE stuffed chick! ha

we ate lunch at the country club and they were handing out lots of cotton candy! yikes!! 
 Can you say major "Sugar High"!!

On Sunday after church we went and ate a delicous Easter dinner at Nana's and Papa's house. 
 Nana hid so many eggs and made it super hard for the big kids to find.  
she even hid eggs with $$ in it!!

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