Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dancing and swimming...

'the vibe' was performing at seven peaks one day and olivia's dance company
 performed a couple of dances.  it was so fun to have so many friends there 
to watch her perform.  she was so proud!  
they all danced in their swim suits and cover ups and 
then afterwards we were able to play and do the waterslides!

it was a gorgeous hot summer day and then a few hours after this a huge lightning 
storm and windstorm came in and it was like a scene from 'godzilla'... haha   
tubes flying everywhere and kids crying.  i was waiting for boston and his buddy to 
find me and they were on the waterslides.  it's funny now, but at the time it was crazy! 

she also just did auditions and tryouts and made the company teams 
for hip hop and jazz! {poppin petites and jazz petities}  she's so excited.
livi is in the pink swimsuit far right.


 hayes & liv

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