Wednesday, July 20, 2011

playing with cousins!!!

we have been super busy and enjoying our summer!   
lots of cousins coming and going all the time.  swimming,  waterparks, ice cream trucks,
night games, tan lines, popsicles, butt scooters, bike rides, etc, etc, etc...
we love it!

we had the arizona cousins come to visit & johnson cousins from california and idaho!
tyler came and entertained all of us every night with fireworks.  
he is the best entertainment! haha

i absolutley love cousins! my kids have so many on both sides of the family
 and also with the hansen family {extended cousins} we have so many and
 they are all so close.  it's pure 'heaven on earth!'

cousins getting ready to head off to EFY.

 witters and ally fully enjoyed each other  the whole week!  

savvy and livi

one night our neighbors were throwing the kids so high in the air with a blanket!! 
all the little cousins had turns except hayes, he was NOT interested at all! 
 it was kinda freaky! ha
the older kids loved it, but the little ones were the ones who got big air!



  'Jump on it'

swimming at the burr's house.
Our favorite pool!

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