Friday, July 01, 2011

company showcase

 the Vibe had their company showcase and it was AMAZING!  it was fun 
to see all the best of the best dancers performing and especially to see all my nieces dance.  

my niece witney's company team {who made it on paula abdul's show "live to dance"}
performed their 2 pieces that we all didn't get to see from the show. 
 The african dance and Symphony!   they were both AWESOME!!  
such seriously amazing talent!  it's breathtaking!! 

liv loved all the attention from her cousins and from nana and aunt heather 
 who came to watch her.  she performed her 2 dances and did Awesome!
thanks for coming!!

olivia with mrs. alexis

some of of livi's fans!!  {dad's taking the picture}

 liv with witney.  
we were hoping to get a picture with all the cousins who were dancing.  wouldn't
that have been so cool?!!  but it was very busy and hard to find everyone.  


John and Ann Tolman said...

Really like Boston's costume...fits right in with the other beautiful dancers he is standing with.(wink)

Diana and Derek said...

Wish we could have seen it.

{jane} said...

so cute - i love her in those costumes - i bet she is a doll when she dances! that's such a fun age to watch!

Jenn Granum said...

Yeah Livi! Let's hope she follows in whitney's footsteps - amazing dancer!

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