Monday, June 18, 2007


We started off our Family Reunion in California by going to Six Flags "Discovery Kingdom"! The Rides were SO AWESOME! They had so many fun and Crazy Rollercoasters, and Boston was DYING to go on them, After waiting in line for 1 hour they said he was just 2" too small! He was getting so Mad, and started Crying! He LOVES the Rides. He is now one of "the big kids"!
So he hung out with all the Younger cousins and still had some fun, There were some other rides he could go on that were still cool!

This is a picture after "Shouka" The killer whale splashed our WHOLE section! It was totally worth it though, since it was like over 100 degrees!

Hayes, Olivia and Brody going on all the little Rides!

All the cousins got to Feed the Giraffes carrots and i didn't get a picture of Olivia doing it but She LOVED it so much! It was so dang cute!

He shocked me by wanting to do the "Sky Coaster" YOu know the ride where you have to pay extra after you get into the Park! He was so excited after watching, Jeremy and Derek he was Bugging to go, So i went with him and Shae! They LOVED it! I was soooo Scared too!


Granum Family said...

Bryan and I have done that sky coaster thing and it's probably the scariest thing I've ever done!!!! So fun though! Oh and I love Boston's sunglasses... what a stud!

Sandbergpartyof5 said...

You're brave Shannon! I am way too wussy to do that. On a side note-Olivia is so cute! I love her little hair-do's.

KB said...

I love all of those scary rides! I would have beed really bummed and sad too if I was Boston, poor thing!!

Savannah said...

Boston is soooo brave !!!!!! Those roller coasters were huge!

Katirocks said...

you are such a cute mom! How fun, your kids are adorable!!

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