Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Little miss ivy is so adorable!

 I love watching her grow and learn, but she's doing it way too fast.

When she sees her siblings she lights up with excitement and gives them hugs and kisses every morning. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and of course my favorite part of my morning.

She's talking like crazy and copies everything you do.  She loves to follow livi and hayes everywhere they go.  We also give her everything she wants, because if she doesn't get it she Squawks really loud!!

Ivy and Mckelle are cute little friends in the making.  We attempted storytime and while all the little ones were listening and eating cookies and milk, our two little girls were destroying the place. {wink}

 Ivy tries to grab everything mckelle has and rips off her bow.  Then after I tell her no,  she says "hi" and waves to her and hugs her.  I can't help but laugh, she can be so naughty.


cormier_berg's said...

it's so sweet to watch and hear your daily adventures with baby ivy (well, all your kids). i too have similar memories of my children, who are grown now - my only sane reaction to the empty nest was to get a puppy (he's two now, but i still call him puppy.) it fills the need to nurture again...just until those grand-babies come around:)

{jane} said...


who's mckelle?

Birchall Family said...

That picture turned out so cute! Story time was so fun, thanks for telling us about it! Promise to drive down EVERY thursday to come with us??!!!

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