Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orphans in Haiti...

Hello fellow bloggers...  

My good friend Tricia sent me this email and i thought it would be great to pass it on &  for all of us to pull together whatever we could to help these darling little orphans in Haiti.

If you have any of these to donate, You could drop them off to me at my house {801-836-4354} or call my friend trish {801-471-6000} Thanks so much!!!

Hi Sisters,

This is Tricia Marr. I have the opportunity to volunteer at For Every Child Adoption Agency right now and am helping with the process of saving some of the orphans that were in the process of being adopted by Utah Families.  These families that have been waiting for their children in Haiti  (some for over 3 years) and are now going to be able to have these kids come home.  Please call me if you can donate any of the items.

These orphans, most of which are under the age of 4 are in need of the items below.  They will be arriving at the SLC airport Late Thursday, the 28th or possibly early Friday.  There are 70 children cleared now, and we are hoping to be able to have more cleared before departure.   They will only have the clothes they are wearing, and shoes that are not appropriate for winter weather.  Upon arrival we will be checking paperwork and getting the kids ready to go with their families, will need the following items to care for the children during that time.  Any help will be greatly needed and appreciated, THANK YOU!




Warm Hat

Winter Shoes



Underwear/ Diapers

A healthy snack bag

Books/ coloring books/ Crayons

Thank you,
Tricia Marr & For Every Child Adoption Agency

Please contact  Tricia 801-471-6000


Hannah Ashmore said...

Such a great cause. My husband is heading up a construction crew to help rebuild an orphanage.

Candace said...

So you need this stuff by Feb. 28th?

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