Friday, September 28, 2007

Las Vegas

Cory and i just got back from a quick trip to VEGAS! It was a Last minute trip, that was so much fun!
I went with him to the "Interbike" Tradeshow at the Convention center. He is the buyer for all the bike gear and Bikes (and ski's) at "Canyon Sports".( He is now one of the Proud owners)
We met with Fox, Pearlizumi, Giro, Jamis, Titus, cliff bar, etc.... We even got to see the Tour de france winner...Alberto Contador. It was a huge line, so i went right up to the front and just took his Picture!

It was of Course right up our alley with Biking. So we were quite excited and Overwhelmed with how many Booths were there. IT was HUGE!!
We went for 2 days, the weather was Great! We stayed at the "Wynn" and ate at the "okada" Sushi resteraunt, Worked out, Enjoyed the spa, Finished "New Moon"and watched an incredibly scary, but awesome Movie "Disturbia"!
It was so fun to just hang out with him for a couple of days, since he has been so busy!

Today is My SISTER Jill's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL and TJ (my nephew)
We went to Bajio to celebrate the Big "38"!!! Woo Hoo....Have fun this weekend Jill!
I love you to Pieces!!!!


JT said...

where's your food in the pic? we want to see what you got to eat. hahahaha.

glad you had a fun trip, looks fun!

Shannon said...

I actually did take a picture of my YUMMY Okada Signature roll, with Asparagus, Lobster,tuna and more. But the picture didn't turn out! But i did take one!!;)

The Rhodes family said...

Sounds like it was a busy trip - i love that you guys are in on a sporting goods store - totally fits you both. cute pics!

Todd Taylor said...

Great picture of Contador. Sounds like a fun event to see. Probably fun for Cory to switch roles from buyer to seller. You both know what stuff will sell. I really liked Cory's idea for triathlon rental packages.

Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday to Jill!

Ally sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Jill! You are the greatest! Sounds like a fun trip! I changed my picture for you Shannon.

Daphne said...

That brings back memories of when I used to go to conventions with Troy-it was so fun. But we were always selling--bet it was fun to do the buying...especially outdoor gear! (Did you pick me up a bike with clips-hehe)

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