Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strawberry Days RODEO!!

Strawberry days is one of our favorite things to do in Utah!  The best strawberries & Creme EVER!
It's a staple here for summertime with the Carnival, parade and the best... the Rodeo! 

We got dressed up in our cowboy best and headed to the Rodeo grounds with some of 
the taylor cousins, Lauren and David and the Carson's!   
Right before the Rodeo started they had this thing called a "Cash Cow" where they 
put lots of money on a cow and the kids had to run after it grabbing as much money
 as they could!!  Of course Boston was all over that idea {none of the other kids wanted to, ha!}
 and he came back with $7! haha!!
it was hilarious!  

I love my Utah Summers!!!

my man enjoying everything about his "Strawberries & Creme"

"the Cash cow" ha!  Boston is right by the fence by the other cow in bright blue!

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