Monday, June 24, 2013


We had an absolute blast at Lagoon with our cousins.  My sister Rachel was in Logan
at Jackie's baby blessing weekend and her and her girls and jackie and her kids met
mindy and I half way at Lagoon!  

The kids were so awesome.  Addie & Wes loved being with their cousins.  Addie
wouldn't leave Olivia and Ivy!  She was in cousin heaven. haha!!  
Olivia took her on most of the little kid rides. It was so cute.

Ivy was brave and rode the Bat!  it was so fun!  
Olivia went on the Colossus 2X and went on mostly everything.  She's becoming
my adrenaline junkie child.
Hayes loved "Rattlesnake Rapids" 
and Boston talked me and savy to go on Wicked! {which is wicked scary}

Before "Rattlesnake Rapids" {dry}

After {Soaked}  it was worth it, we were SO hot!!!

Of course you can't leave the park without playing in the fountain, especially when 
it's SO freaking hot!!  

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