Saturday, June 29, 2013

braces off!

Boston has been SO excited to get his braces off.  He wanted them off 
before he went on Trek and on or before his 14th birthday! whoop whoop!

He looks So handsome and loves looking in the mirror.  ha! His 
first thing he wanted to do was eat his caramel apple! 

Boston was possibly the most diligent patient with putting on rubber bands, brushing
and flossing etc.  He wore his bands so good that Dr. Fairbanks said they were over 
corrected, so he had to wait 4 more weeks! ha!  

Boston has wanted to be an orthodontist when he grows up, so we will see
what his future holds.  He's pretty serious about teeth and especially to his 
siblings, i have a feeling this will be in his future.

  after braces were off, the kids went to CrossFit, then to get snowies at our fav spot in 
Orem, Lunch with Dad at Boston's favorite "la Costa" and then night swimming to
try to cool off from our 100 degree day!  

Boston was so excited to pick up his retainer and start bleaching his teeth!
we're calling it "Boston's day!" ha!

this goofball gets "JUST ICE!"  every single time!  He's crazy!

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