Saturday, October 18, 2008

The "Haunted Forest"

This is one of Boston's Favorite places to go around Halloween! Which is hilarious, b/c he gets himself so freaked out before he even gets there. This year the Dad's took the older kids. We had all the little buddies from our neighborhood together and they had a BLAST!
Boston called me right when they got out to tell me all the Gross and freaky stories. The best was his Best Buddy Chase, who got so freaked out he threw up like 5 times! hahaha
This same incident happened last year too. It's the highlight now of the "Haunted Forest" hahaha

{I am hoping one of the other cameras turned out better, i had my little camera and the pictures don't look so great}

Before the Haunted Forest, we went to Witney's Birthday party at the Olive Garden with all the Family! She is now "15" Woot Woo! Witney Shares a Birthday with her Grandpa {my daddy} So Happy Birthday Guys!!
After the Haunted Forest we had our Cousins over for a Sleepover! These boys played Games all night and morning! I LOVE listening to them talk with each other, they say the Most hilarious things. We love having Cousin Sleepovers, even Hayes & Olivia were in all the Action.


becky said...

i totally remember last year and chase...that's funny that it happened again!

looks like a lot of fun. i give props to the dad's for going..i don't think i could do that!

Jenn Granum said...

Those kids are so brave to do that! I get totally freaked out, too (of course not as bad as Chase!) Are we scarring them for life?
You had such a busy night. I LOVE how much energy you have. I hope Bos isn't too tired for the game today! We need him to score a touchdown!

Kierstin said...

Oh no! Poor Chase, not again! I think I will have to wait to take Kate there, I wonder what Lauren would do??

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