Thursday, May 27, 2010


Was awesome!

I helped volunteer for the field day at Boston's school last week.  It was a Blast!  The weather was just perfect for water games & all sorts of sports games.  We literally spent the whole 4 hours outside!

The PE teacher was incredible, thought of a gazillion games and they were crazy, fun & silly.  The kids LOVED it!  We would rotate sections every 12 minutes.

I think i had one of the Coolest games that i was in charge of...

"football frenzy"

where  you have two different teams {yellow/red} and you line up on each side and throw the ball and if one of your team members catches the ball you yell "yellow Point" ( or whatever color you are)  you are also allowed to intercept the ball from the opposite team and gain a point too.
  we had a scorekeeper and a ball boy. 

it was so intense and so much fun!

Boston was all over this game, scoring points like crazy.  the cutest part was him and his friends would back up way past the line just to make it even more of a challenge. haha

some other fun games were Crazy soccer, sack races, water relay races, balloon toss etc, etc... soooo many games.  

Boston and his buddies after a big water fight!

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{jane} said...

that is an awesome field day! looks like boston had a blast!!!

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