Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trek 2013

Boston barely made the cut off for this years Trek for our Stake.  You have to be 14 by july.  He literally came home from Trek and 3 days later turned 14!!  

He said it wasn't that fun, but by day 3 he liked it.  It was possibly the hottest days of summer
when they all took of to do the pioneer trek.  My poor boy along with 28 others were sick with 
heat stroke and dehydration.  Not the kind of experience he was hoping for { or us} for his Trek 
experience.  He Loved his Trek family.  Ma & Pa Larsen were seriously amazing. 
He also made some pretty good friendships with his trek brother and Sister.  

I'm hoping he will look back on this experience and it will be a good one of Faith and Endurance 
and hopefully his testimony was strengthened.  I know it was.  His Ma couldn't stop talking
about how much they really enjoyed him in their family.   I just wish it wasn't so dang hot!

We {cory and I }wrote letters from home for him to read one night.  He wrote in his journal
about how much he missed us and loved his family! see he does love us!  
I literally cried when i saw him come off the bus! 

Grateful for the experience for him to grow closer to our Ancestors and the Lord.

{Boston with Ma & Pa Larsen}

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