Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dance Convention!

We took a girls trip to Layton for a Dance Convention where Witney, Will, Cyrus and Tiffany 
were teaching Hip Hop and Jazz and of course Animation!   Each class was about 1 hr long and 
they learned from the BEST!  It was so fun to see the different dances and the kids
would perform them later that afternoon in front of everyone.

Ivy was Awesome!! She held her own in animation and loved it!  She then did the cutest 
dance  with will that was to the "One Direction" song and it was Adorable!!

loved watching Olivia in Hip Hop!  That girl can move like a gangsta! so cute!!

afterwards everyone got to get autographs and pictures with their SYTYCD buddies.

Ivy knew that will and Hayes are cute friends so she brought a paper from the hotel 
just for Hayes and her dad to have them all write something to them.  Hayes loved
it so much!! ha!! 

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Diana and Derek said...

They are such cute kids!

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