Sunday, March 03, 2013

the magic of Christmas day...

It was a white christmas here in Utah! The kids all slept in Boston's room upstairs and 
I'm pretty sure Boston woke them all up at 7am to go downstairs. He can't help it, he 
has a lot of his mama in him. {wink}

so much fun to see the kids faces, Cory video taped while i took pictures.  I love
seeing the excitement of what Santa brought.  it's just so Magical.

Boston was happy to get a "Go Pro" camera for skiing, along with lots of basketball shorts, shirts
and his new nike free runs, he also got a new 'go lite' goose down jacket. He kept saying
"This is the best Christmas Ever!"  so sweet!

Hayes was pumped to see his new Bow & Arrow, that he LOVES!!  {it broke a couple 
of days later so dad took him to cabela's to get a real deal bow & arrow apparently mom 
doesn't know how to shop for stuff like that. haha!}  
He also got an electric scooter, spongebob lego's, remote control car, and more. 
 He spent so much time checking out what other people got instead of 
opening his own presents.  Isn't that so sweet!  love this boy!!

 Olivia loved seeing her new electric scooter but most of all she got Mckenna her american girl doll
that she was dying to get! She and mckenna now have matching clothes, a horse and all sorts of accessories to add to her American girl doll collection! 

Ivy was super happy to see her chalkboard and bitty baby with her stroller.  She is at such a 
fun age!  She loved opening up all her presents and played all day with her new accessories for 
her salon chair and her american girl doll Kit!  

  it took the kids a little bit, but every year they go on a treasure hunt and this year buddy left them a present in ivy's stocking.  They wondered who's stocking they would find it in.  it was so cute to see them all run to the next treasure spot and read clues to get them to their final destination....

which was by the xbox upstairs in boston's room.  They all got their x box and wii games they were dying for! Ivy got a new ipod touch and she was so excited to see her own pictures and 
movies and songs that were all for ivy! 

  the kids were so much fun all day, loved hanging out in jammies and playing with all of our stuff.  
We had a nice big crepe breakfast and visited with family.  Then we headed to the movies to see 
"Parental Guidance" which was hilarious!  love spending time with my family, nothing makes me 
happier!  It was a wonderful Christmas.

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