Saturday, November 02, 2013

it's football time...

This is possibly my favorite time of year... i love fall, everything about it, the pumpkin 
patches, the leaves changing, the beautiful fall mountains, and football season. 

This year Boston tried playing some QB!  He did awesome! He has a great arm 
and his passes are great.  He would rather play running back and middle linebacker.  That boy
loves to hit! ha!  

8th grade football is challenging, you have so many kids who have already grown a ton and some
that are just hitting puberty. It's a huge size difference and a bit challenging.  Our team kind 
of struggled this year, but they still had a fun time.

of course the best part is that the games are on  the High School football fields, which 
is amazing!! one game the announcer was announcing all the plays with the name and you hear
Boston Taylor all the time.  It was so awesome!!!

 plus we have the cutest cheerleaders... 
love how good the Cheerleaders are to my girls, and of course the American
 Girl dolls had to come to

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