Thursday, November 07, 2013

Happy Halloween & Birthday!!

it's my last year in my thirties!! yikes!!  
I absolutley LOVE having my birthday on Halloween!  It is so fun for my kids too.  
It is definitely the busiest day EVER, but so much fun.  

we started off the morning getting kids off to school in costumes, I went to Crossfit
 dressed up in my first costume for the day, a Red Sox fan!  Then ate lunch 
at Cafe Rio with my sisters! My sister Rachel came down from Idaho for the weekend
and I LOVED having her here.  After birthday lunch they met me at the kids
School for the Parade and then Class Party.

I make the Witches Brew every year in their class and they LOVE it! It's my favorite
thing to do,  Ivy was my cute little witchy helper. ha!
the kids LOVE it!

After school we had my sisters and their kids and my nephew and niece who 
are here at BYU come and eat some Soup in bread bowls and cupcakes
 before we sent the kids out to trick or treat! 

It was a perfect night for trick or treating... always fun to see all the kids dressed up 
in costumes.  

the night ended with an extra scare to the Haunted Forest with the older cousins... ugh!

Rex Kwon Doe!
olivia and her bff Tessa match eachother every year.  It's so cute!!

**** Class Party****

Witches Brew with the twins class, they LOVE this...

*** Ivy's pre school party the day before***
we played a fun game called "don't eat the Monster" and decorated cookies!
pictures before they head out for Trick or Treating!!

 Brody and Hayes were so cute this year... Loved how they matched for Mario & Luigi!

ha!  My nephew Garrett loves mario brothers! 

Mindy made a yummy Clam Chowder that we ate before heading out... along with the Sweet 
Tooth fairy cupcakes! yummy!!

The cousins!

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