Saturday, November 07, 2009

This is it!

LOVED it!!!
It definitely made me want to dance! I would have LOVED this concert, he really is so dang talented! It is such a Wonderful Message!

We went with my friends Caryn & Cynthia and our Oldest boys. Don't think they didn't start doing the Pelvic thrust while we were in the hallways. hahaha I love these boys! They are now crazed Michael Jackson fans. Boston has been Jamming out the "Thriller" all morning!


Anonymous said...

I can see it know:)

jane said...

cute pictures ~ i barely noticed you poking your head around cayden in the first one!

we loved the movie too! it was very cool for kiana because the choreographer they introduce in the beginning of the movie, "tony testa" was one of their teachers last weekend at the nycda comp. she had two classes from him and he kept saying, "have you guys seen the MJ movie? I'm in it!"

...also, dusty & i lucked out and went to his last concert when we lived in Seoul. We were on the FRONT row and it was equally comparable and awesome to what this one would have been.

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