Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Break...

The weather this fall has been incredibly beautiful here in Utah.  
We enjoyed our surroundings for our "Fall Break" with friends and cousins.  
Staying home is a necessity these days.  {we've been busy} 

We started off with early out on Wednesday at noon!
We went with our friends the Horsley's to Swim at the AF pool.  
No One was there which made 
it even more fun!

thursday we started first thing with "Cornbelly's" at Thanksgiving point
 with my sisters and their kids.  It's So much fun! 
If you haven't been yet this fall, you don't want to miss this!
they definitely upgraded this year with a huge Slide and more haunted houses!  
Boston lovedshooting corn and pumpkins from a cannon! 

it's an absolute blast!

honestly they spent about an hour here building a house with huge lincoln logs.  
who would have thought you could be that entertained with pieces of wood??  

after Cornbelly's we headed to Chick Fil A for lunch and then off to see
I liked it, but it was a little weird... like all of Tim Burton's movies.  

Friday we went to breakfast at Magelby's fresh. {Boston's pick} and sent Cory and Boston
off with Tyler and his boys to go Hunting!  
they were so excited to go camping and hunting....hoping to come 
home with something.

 Brody had his birthday party at "All American Gymnastics" which was so fun 
to play on all the equipment! The twins have taken gymnastics there last year and were 
so excited to come back and play there.  
even I got a little excited to do some fun stuff! {wink wink}

Monday we woke up and "Hiked the Y" with our friends the Child family!  I can't believe my
 little ivy did it all by herself.  I initially tried to carry her in a back pack, but it was SO heavy and
 that hike is SO steep!  So she hiked it holding my hand. Haha!  I kept telling her how exciting
 it will be to tell her daddy and everyone that she hiked the Y at 4 yrs old! She held strong 
& did it, even her dog 'Boo' made her appearance! 
 Boston, Calvin and Cobe pretty much ran up to the top. ha!

After the hike we went to Malawi's and ate our very favorite pizza!  the kids 
walked around the shops at riverwoods for a bit and then we headed home.
it was a perfect end to our fall break!

Boston is a Utah fan!  so he is being a little stinker and showing his "U" sign while on the Y! 


Diana and Derek said...

Too much fun. You all are awesome.

Diana and Derek said...

Except for Boston being a "U" fan! That's just sad!

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