Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ivy starts dancing...

Ivy has been dying to go to dance at the Vibe with Olivia!  I kept telling her when she turns 4. 
 So she was reminding me like crazy when she had her birthday.  
When i signed her up they had a time when Olivia went so it was very convenient, we gave it a try 
 and she LOVES it so much.  The girl can dance!

Mrs. Cassie is her teacher and we LOVE her so much!  Ivy can already do a backbend and
yesterday she told me she did a "Sache" {she was so proud}

Olivia is going on her 4th year of dance.  She loves dance!  Liv does Hip Hop and Jazz 
and is now adding Ballet to her classes.

Ballet Besties!!
tessa & liv

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