Thursday, October 04, 2012

Flag Football...

This is Hayes' first year playing "Flag Football"  he plays it a ton with the neighborhood 
boys and boston.  It is so fun to see him play on a team with some friends and actually 
really understand some plays.  He LOVES it!  

Our team is actually pretty dang good, we had a last minute coach change and
so we were a little concerned when we started.  Luckily we have a couple 
elite playing kids so we get plenty of touchdowns.
Hayes has played all positions, but so far he loves hiking the ball the best;.

He is seriously such a goofball!  


Summer Carlile said...

So cute! And how fun that Hayes and Brody get to play together. I miss those little stinkers!

Diana and Derek said...

Awesome! Hayes and Brody together, that's great!

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