Wednesday, November 14, 2012

elf on a shelf GIVEAWAY!!!

My amazingly talented friend Jane,  of 'seejaneblog' is doing the greatest giveaway
Tis the season for Elf on a Shelf!!
Remember our elf Buddy?  my kids adore Buddy, and all of his fun adventures.  
He has been a tradition in our home since they were little and it's so magical and fun to 
surprise them all month long.

So Jane is doing a fabulous giveaway!!  It's 25 days of fun stuff prepared and planned 
for your little ones!  I love this woman!  Pure Genius! 
I should have planned way ahead, but i haven't... {insert sigh} 
so i am hoping to win this giveaway! cross your fingers!


Decker Family said...

I just checked out Jane's blog :) I'm rooting for you to win! I can imagine the fun you would have with that elf in your house.

123 said...
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