Sunday, November 04, 2012


Possibly one of my favorite holidays! Oh and it is my Birthday!!
 Love Halloween and Love how much my kids get into it.  They love counting down the
days to my birthday and told me all day "happy birthday mom" it was perfect. 
38 years and going strong!
We couldn't have asked for better weather!! 75 degrees and absolutely 
beautiful day and Night! We were so spoiled!

Boston knew right away what he wanted to wear a Morph suit! He knew right 
away and usually he doesn't know what to do!  I love that he still will dress up.
he almost didn't at school, but last minute he put it on with shorts and a shirt over it
of course.

Hayes was Napoleon Dynamite and literally was in character all morning!  He
cracks me up! I was laughing all morning at him.  He would do the Napoleon dance
with his "happy hands" and we were dying!  

My sweet innocent Olivia wanted to be a vampire! ugh!  What happened to being a 
princess and cute characters! haha   she was dead set on being the Vampire while her 
bff Tessa was her bat.  they were so cute!!

Ivy was the Lalaloopsey doll!  the wig is hilarious and she wore it plenty of times throughout
the month.. to school, school carnival, etc... but on Halloween night she said No Way!
she lasted longer than i thought though.

here they are right before school...

"happy hands club"

After their Halloween Parade at school, Ivy and I went to help in their class for their 
Halloween Party!   I Love going and helping and doing my famous "Witches Brew" which 
they LOVE!  My twins look forward to this every year!  I was trying to remember how many 
years I have done this, it's been since Boston was in Kindergarten!!  crazy huh!  they
never tire of it.

we came home and of course Boston had to do it again with some friends, along with our
 Frankenstein pudding cups and our Traditional jack o lantern pizza!  

My talented neighbor took professional pictures of the kids before they headed out
trick or treating!  I loved that she did this for us, the only bummer was that Boston and Cory 
were at Football practice until 6:30! boo!

i think they turned out super cute!

we started off in our cul de sac until Cory could take them out.  by the time cory got home they
were already off with different groups of friends, even Ivy!  haha!{with adults of course}
they were all having a blast. 
Hayes came home after a few more cul de sacs and helped me pass out candy. 
 He was an awesome helper!

Boston got home in time to run out and catch up with some friends.  Later when i saw 
him with his friends, they were scaring kids {older kids} and jumping out of bushes!
oh great, i forgot i had an obnoxious teenager! haha

my cute little helper.

that night i usually throw in the rest of the 'dry ice' from my 
witches brew into the tub with them for a spooky bath! 
they ask for this every year now!

i Love Halloween!!

check out our halloween, here, here, here {possibly my fav. costumes}, here & here

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Diana and Derek said...

You are amazing as always. Happy Birthday!

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