Friday, November 02, 2012

Villains vs. Superheroes...

Our friends in the neighborhood do an annual Halloween Party, each year is a different theme.
they go ALL out for this party! it's even a surprise to what the theme is until 
you get your invitation. 

this year it was themed to Superhero or Villain.  It was so much fun!
Cory and I went as Captain Hook and Tiger Lily.  Everyone had such fun and clever
choices of costumes.  Loved seeing everyone dress up!!

we all started off by meeting up at the park behind our house.  Once we took some pictures 
we were off on an "amazing race" to our final destination!  

*We had to get a picture of a "Damsel in Distress"   
which was me being roped to a tree. {can't find the picture}

** get a picture of your true identity by a payphone

***recruit a "Henchman"

****knock off a Kingpin at Jack n Jill bowling.

maybe this was the best part of the night... i laugh every time i 
see this awesome picture!!!

we were the first ones to arrive...  it was very close! 
Luckily we won the prize!

they had so many fun games to play and passed out super clever awards!
they are the ultimate Party Planners!  

our incredible Host & Hostesses... who are we kidding those girls did all the work! haha!  
 Thanks Emily and Marisa for an awesome night, you girls know how to throw a party!! xxoo

Kristi and Russ won for best costume!

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