Friday, December 21, 2012

8 is great... baptism day.

It was a perfect day for a baptism... 12/12/12!  Definitely a day they will never forget!
Cory did an amazing job, and the spirit was very strong.  The Program was wonderful 
and i loved how everyone came to support these cuties.  We have some wonderful
 friends & family who helped make this day just perfect!

Grandma marlene and Papa joe came out from california to see these two get 
baptized.  It's so great to have so much support.  I wish i had a picture of 
all who were there.  It was filled with everyone who we love and it was 
such a great feeling to have all these wonderful people there.

This date is not only awesome because of it being 12/12/12 but Boston was also baptized on 
7/7/07!  {we think it's a cool thing ::wink::}  

We were lucky enough to have Great Grandparents there as well... Grandpa and Grandma Hansen.
{Cory's grandparents} 

 Grandma marlene and Fuzzy wuzzy {the twins nickname for papa joe! ha}

Nana & Papa Taylor

David & Lauren were champs!  Not only did they have college finals they were dealiong with, but they played the piano and Lauren gave the talk on the Holy Ghost!  We Adore these two! 

We ate at JCW's {the twins pick} and then went home to eat some cake!  my friend made 
this darling scripture cake!!  
it was the perfect ending to the perfect day!  
love my babies!!

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