Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving break!

We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and fabulous weather in Mesa Arizona.  We 
stayed with our taylor cousins and had a blast.

thanksgiving dinner was fabulous, jane is an amazing cook and made the two turkey's, her
famous cranberry sauce {to die for} and lots of other delicious treats.  She tried a turkey 
wrapped with bacon and it was a hit!  Cory may try to make our turkey like that from
now on.

We ate at Tia Rosa's the night before our Feast and it was delicious.  We went shopping,  
played lots of games and just enjoyed being outside in the warm sun.  

So grateful to have this beautiful and healthy family which brings me so much happiness!
feeling so blessed...

My sister Rachel was spending Thanksgiving in Chandler just about 15 minutes away from us
it was so fun to meet up with them too and swim!  They met us on Thanksgiving night at Target for some black friday shopping! haha

the best part was they just wanted to see us and hang out so they really only bought water!! haha

While shopping at Santan village they had it snowing bubbles for a few minutes.

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