Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my little 8 year olds...

My cute little angel babies are eight!  Crazy how fast time goes by.   
We had a simple and fabulous birthday!  I talked the twins into getting a new i pod touch instead 
of a birthday party!  It wasn't very hard to convince them.  When they woke up we had a 
yummy crepe breakfast and sang 'happy birthday' before they headed off to school!  

When they got home, it had just snowed all night so they were excited to get out and play in it.  
Since they are now 8 they were start scouts and activity days.  Hayes had his very 
first day of Scouts, he told me this was the BEST Day of his life! haha  

my handsome little "Wolf" scout!

When our dad got home, we opened presents and then headed off to their dinner of choice... "Tepanyaki"  

we went with grandma marlene, papa joe and the carson's.  The kids Love Tepanyaki and even our
chef made a big deal about their birthday.  He even made a heart out of the friend rice & they caught the shrimp in their mouth.they were spoiled!  We loved at the end when they  
 all come and sing "shake your booty, shake shake your booty" 
they had a fabulous birthday!   

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