Thursday, August 08, 2013

a week with our besties...

It's always a fun packed week when our bff's come into town!!  we had SO much fun 
with the Granum's!  I Loved that they were here for Boston's birthday week.  

We met at Tucano's and then went night swimming at stonegate. We definitely packed in 
the fun...

We swam, hiked, went to movies, sliding rock, night swimming daily, spa night at Summer's
played with Sadie {their dog}, Hang time, Lowe's Xtreme airsports, lots of sleepovers, 
Waffle Truck, ate at all their favorite spots, including
many Cafe rio stops, Park city slide & Coaster, and more!

I love when my girl is in town, it's continuous fun and laughter!

these two have been buddies since they were 2 and now look at them at 14!!  too cute!!

the kids were mostly excited for sadie, ha!  Jenn told them they better not hug sadie first!
pure joy with her all week...

love these two.

one afternooon we surprised the Rhodes arrival back home to Utah!  They had
 no idea we would all be in their yard when they arrived.  Best Surprise Ever!!
we're so excited they are back in Utah!

love seeing all of our friends kids growing up together!

we went to Lowes extreme and then the waffle truck.  Luckily for me the Hokulia
 shaved ice place was next to the waffle truck so we hit both stops in one! 

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