Thursday, August 08, 2013

Boston turns "14!"

My handsome boy turned 14!  What a great kid he is, it has been so fun
to watch him grow into this amazing teenager.  He has endless energy {i wonder where he gets that from} and passion for random things, he is witty and smart and i couldn't have asked for a better firstborn!  It is truly such a Joy to be his mother.  

  He just got his braces off a few days before
and that's what he was most excited for. haha! His birthday was on a Sunday this year.  He 
was ordained a Teacher and then we celebrated with a bbq and volleyball with the Granum's.
Then later some family came over to eat cake and ice cream.

Boston was so excited to open his presents that morning {right before church} and eat his crepe 

He got lots of football gear along with his cleats he has been wanting so bad.  But 
what he was surprised about was his season pass to Park City resort that 
he had no idea about!
He cannot wait to hit the slopes now!  

It was a perfect day to celebrate my handsome boy... 

the following day we took our family along with the Granum's to "Larry Miller raceway" 
in Salt Lake to race Go karts and Zip line for Boston's birthday. 
Hayes and Olivia weren't tall enough for the race carts {which was a bummer} but we enjoyed the
zipline and watching our boys race for a few hours!

the Race karts go 60 miles an hour.  After a few rounds Jenn and I jumped in and raced.
It was so much fun!

all the boys lined up and ready to go...

 Cory and Boston

this kid spent his birthday money on a Ukelele and he already knew 3 songs the
first day.  He is so quick to pick things up and has the passion to keep learning...
i could listen to him play all day. 

my hayesie bugs wanted nothing to do with the zipline... even ivy went on it.

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Diana and Derek said...

That sweet boy cannot be 14. I am not old enough. It is always about me, of course. Happy Birthday to a great nephew!

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