Friday, August 02, 2013

The Lakehouse!

Our annual lakehouse trip to Lake Couer D' Alene was a blast this summer!  My kids are in heaven with tons of cousins and plenty of fun on the water. My sister  Rachel and her hubby are the ultimate Host's!  She always makes the best food, has plenty of activities for everyone and we actually all sleep there!  This year we had the most we've ever slept. It was a COMPLETE blast! 

 I love the memories we make and especially for my kids.  What an amazing experience to play and enjoy all the family time.  We all went to a wedding just a few days later and met up again.  I love traditions and family memories.  

This year Olivia and Hayes got brave and went cliff jumping!  So much fun to watch them grow up year by year and get more aggressive with water sports.  Boston of course was in pure heaven.  Ivy even went crazy tubing a bit and enjoyed it! ha!

Diaper babies!

 The all time favorite lakehouse activity, well besides the trampoline of course was tubing!  
Everyone loved crazy tubing... ivy did lots of baby tubing with the other twins.

Boston tearin it up on the wakeboard!

Hours of entertainment were had on the new tramp and launch!



   I love this picture of Boston trying to encourage Hayes and Olivia to jump off the lower rock, 
which was still very high, this picture does not do it justice!!  love how brave the twins were!  


Grandpa and Grandma Johnson arrived a day later to spend the rest of the week with us.  Love how I caught this moment with these cute cousins... They love their Indiana Jones Grandpa.

We had a bridal shower for Victoria who was getting married to my
 nephew Garrett the following week! 
just some of the johnson girl cousins... we are quite the bunch.

Cory fishing with the kids.

Our traditional cousin picture at the Lakehouse!! 

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