Monday, November 29, 2010

Gingerbread houses...

I love our Taylor family 'gingerbread making' night.  Good thing it's not a contest. ha
my kids love doing this every year with their cousins and Aunt Holli makes all the
 houses by scratch!  she's pretty amazing!

we had plenty of candy to choose from and ivy loved making her house with her daddy! 

if i wasn't already busy planning birthday parties {i have 3 this month} 
addressing christmas cards {on their way} 
sewing 13 superhero capes {that post will come later} 
i would have totally done this for the gingerbread invite.... so stinkin cute!

 look how into it she was... love her!

i wish i was paying attention to Hayes more... i think he ate more candy 
than was on his house!  He has been bouncing off the walls all night. haha

later tonight we were all in tears laughing so hard while Hayes and Boston 
busted out their own version to "dad's rap" with dance moves and all. 

ok so Mya {i mean judd}is the winner.. just look at her house!!  


Anonymous said...

Such a fun FHE tradition you have! All of the Gingerbread houses look fantastic;)

Idaho Penningtons said...

LOVE Ivy's face! Hope your capes are turning out good!

Cassy said...

I love it! So cute :)

John and Ann Tolman said...

We are having our gingerbread contest in a few weeks . I noticed yours are made out of graham crackers? Did you make them out of milk cartons? We need some new ideas as buying the kits gets expensive!

{jane} said...

so cute! i love how intense ivy is about it - she just may be my little taylor-artist-buddy one day!

...the upside down waffle cone for a tree is a great idea!

Jenn Granum said...

So darling and yummy! I love how proud Ivy looks with her house. :)

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