Monday, November 15, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas... the Taylor home.

this year we decided to start a new tradition. 
my Idea. {sigh}

i thought my kids would Love to have the experience of cutting down our own tree and having
 a real tree this year.

we were so excited.
  I even went with some friends a couple weeks prior at 5am and stood in line 
until they opened at 8am to get a permit!
they only issue 1000 a day for 2 days!

 on saturday we went with the curry's up into the "Uintah's" to find the perfect tree.

after a few hours, and some cold, starving kids {and mom's} we 
finally just chopped whatever tree looked good enough! haha
it was taking WAY too long but,

we did it!  

Then ate at a yummy burger stop in Heber and off to decorate {early} for Christmas.
when we got in the car and were heading home, Boston said "i never want to do that again!" haha 

We think next year we will make a snowmobile trip out of it and do some sledding as well, 
there was SO much snow!!

So now today as i'm writing this post, i loved it.
It was all worth it!

 Once we got home, we pulled out the Christmas bins, turned on the Christmas music
 and started the hot cocoa!

I love this time of year.

one year the elves brought these personalized books for my kids.  This is still one of their favorite books to read this time of year, and the giggling makes it all worth it.

~ one of my favorite things about decorating for christmas is the train.
my kids absolutely love putting the train together and putting all the nativity characters in the caboose.


dulces said...

Looks like it turned out great. I will have to come & see it! Can't believe you are already decorated for Christmas! I am still decorating for Thanksgiving. . . .

Decker Family said...

Beautiful! Looks like everyone had a great time and will remember this for years to come.

Heather Kelley Pinegar said...

girl you are a go getter!! I would never have gotten up for the permit let alone hike around in the freezing cold looking for the perfect tree. How fun for your family! You are such a fun mom!

Birchall Family said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that you went out into the forrest and cut down a freaking tree. You guys rock! Your home looks so amazing! And it smells so good too. I wish your blog was scratch and sniff so I could smell it again. I don't know if it was the tree or the cookies that smelt so good today, but i wanted to take a bite of your home.
I love that baby Jesus rides around in a train at your house, and that your nativity has a zebra in it...i must be missing that piece:)
You are the best mom ever and I love all the cute things you do with your kids. Love your guts!

Summer Carlile said...

How fun, I used to love picking out Christmas Trees when I was little! Was the Dairy Keen the yummy hamburger shop? My husbands extended family is the owners. We love that place!

{Brittany} said...

Oh my word I am crazy for you blog! Your kids are gorgeous (and definately not hurting in the gene department!) Love the holiday decor... Amazing!

Kari said...

You are amazing!!! We always cut down our trees when we were young.

LuLu said...

Shannon, who can keep up with you? You've got the energy of a thousand people. I love it! :)

Jenn Granum said...

What an experience! Those things are always more fun when you look back at them. Your house looks awesome. You always do such a good job decorating for Christmas.

{jane} said...

fun times! i would have totally gone for a real tree this year, if we weren't going to be traveling. but, my instinct says that after dusty has cut down a real one once, we'll be back at our center street tree lot!

beautiful home!!!

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