Saturday, November 20, 2010

JA Biztown @ Discovery Gateway

i can't even explain how amazingly adorable this field trip was! 
Boston's whole 5th grade team have been planning and preparing for this event for 2 months. 
 Learning all about economics, running businesses, writing checks, and interviewing 
for their positions and jobs.  It was a priviledge for our
 school to have this opportunity.  It's for 5th and 8th grade students and 
our school got a grant just for "Biztown!" 
Such a great experience.

Some of the companies the kids had to run were...
Best Buy
Rocky Mountain power
merit medical
deseret news {they did interviews & even printed a newspaper}
first security bank
larry h. miller
Zions bank
JA Restaurant
Smiths Marketplace
and many many more.

Boston was the CEO of the JA{Junior Achievement} Restaurant.  He had employees,
 had to sign payroll checks from the CFO and many other tasks. I think he liked using
 the cash register and getting drinks and treats for the kids.~wink

I volunteered for the day and was over the "Best Buy" dept.  We stocked everyone's stores with real food {smith's marketplace} flashlights, beanies, newpapers, etc.  The CFO sent out bills and and invoices for the companies and we enjoyed watching these kids do EVERYTHING to run a business.  
I think they loved working on computers and printing out invoices & writing checks!

The kids got there at 9am and had their checkbooks and Debit cards ready to go! 
 They swore in the Mayor and got paychecks.  Once they went and cashed
 their paychecks they were off to their businesses to work.  
They all had breaks at different times and shopped at different vendors.

It would be an understatement to explain how much these kids loved doing their jobs.

 Boston in the background running his restaurant.  He was LOVING this job!!

 There were flat screens in all the vendors and around the city so you could see the interviews from 
Deseret news.  We even did commercials for our company's.

Here is Boston telling everyone to come and eat at his restaurant.

 Boston with his employees at JA Restaurant

The Mayor gave him a certificate for
"Citizen of the Day"

The Whole "5th" grade class

This elevator is ginormous!  The kids loved arriving in this and also leaving in it...


{jane} said...

that is like crazy-AMAZING!!! what a cool school activity, so is that what is on the floor up there that is off limits? behind the scenes? we love that place!

so cool.

Kari said...

That is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

Jenn Granum said...

Oh my gosh! This is SO awesome! WHat a great experience for the kids and kudos to the school for putting on an amazing event!

Unknown said...

My daughter is going on this field trip next week & is so excited. Can't wait to hear all about it. Btw, are these kids from Cosgriff?

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