Saturday, November 06, 2010

We are the KNIGHTS...

Boston's team made it into the semi finals last week and today we 
played against an amazing team who is undefeated, and we played hard!  

I love watching my boy play this game today, He has so much passion.  
He caught an interception in the first quarter and stopped two touchdowns from happening
 ALL in the first quarter!
 He played harder this game than any other one.  And played the WHOLE game! 
We wanted to really win. 

but we didn't,

we have LOVED watching boston and his team play together, they are
 incredible little football players and LOVE this sport!

The coach teared up at the end of the game telling these boys how proud he was of
 their hard work this season, and he couldn't wait until next year!

way to GO Lonepeak!  

at halftime we gave all the kids and parents balloons and as soon as the boys 
ran through their banner we let them all go.

i love how ivy was front and center before the team ran through... 
Where's that girls MOTHER?! ha

The game was early this morning, and all i can say is... Isn't UTAH ridiculously Beautiful?!  
Seriously look at these surroundings! and the weather was AMAZ-ing!!


RAQ said...

great photos! good job Boston! love the little cheerleaders!

{jane} said...

Boston had such a great season - today was the perfect fall weather for football, we LOVED it at the BYU game! my favorite pictures are those with livi & hayes in their lone peak cute!!!

Diana and Derek said...

Way to go, Boston! We are so proud of the way you play and represent your family (all of us)! You are a winner!

Anonymous said...

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curryclan said...


dulces said...

Bos, you are an amazing athlete! Keep up the good work, I loved coming to your games and watching you play your heart out!!!!!

Jenn Granum said...

Yeah Boston on an incredible season!

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