Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas at the Grand!

The kids had a blast, considering the circumstances spending Christmas at the Grand America!
 I could not have pulled this off without my amazing friends!!! 
So many wonderful people helped our family out this Christmas, it was a different 
Christmas, without ivy, but still magical. 

the kids woke up and Hayes literally cried when he opened his 3DS! Not kidding! 
we were laughing so hard.  It was all he really wanted.  Such a sweet boy!!
 Everyone scored and got everything they wanted this Christmas 
{quilty parenting} ha!   

Then we went and had the Christmas Brunch at the Grand. Which was of course Amazing! 
 We all went up to the Burn Unit to visit with ivy while she was 
sleeping and kiss her cheeks.  The kids wanted to go back and swim and play 
with their toys, so later Boston watched the kids at the Hotel while 
we took the whole Burn unit staff Dinner from "Cafe Rio!"  
we love and admire these people so much, it has been our home away from home.  

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