Friday, December 13, 2013

Olivia's "9th" birthday {cake boss style}

It's always a bit crazy around the holidays for me, with the twins birthday's and Cory's too.  
But it was well worth the stress this holiday season, especially after the hospital trauma 
of our sweet little ivy!  This beautiful daughter of mine needed to celebrate and enjoy a fun party with her besties.  
I had made the Aprons  & chef hats around thanksgiving time with the help of my sweet girl when we knew she wanted to do the "Cake Boss" theme and they turned out super super cute!

This party was so much fun, and i had the greatest helpers ever to help me.  The girls arrived and got their chef hats and aprons on and then started decorating with cupcake liners a cute flower to put on their hats. Then we started decorating away, with fondant, beads, all sorts of colors of frosting, and toppings.  I had the greatest helper, Chelsea, who was olivia's primary teacher and an amazing baker help with fondant and showing the girls how to make flowers with icing, etc.  She was AMAZING!
the girls had the cutest cakes, and they really used a lot of creativity.  

they loved taking home their cakes! 

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