Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recovery for Ivy...

We spent 5 weeks at the Burn Unit at the U of U, These people were AMAZING!  I can't even
explain how wonderful and special they are to us.  They made our stay there so wonderful and 
they are still a very big part of our lives today. 

After she was extubated she took a few days to recover from that,  and then my girl was back, drinking, eating (week sorta), talking in her raspy voice.  She was back!! 
We had visitors come daily. She was so excited to open all of her presents that were waiting for her to open.  She had her own special Christmas at the Hospital and Dad and the kids came up later that day to celebrate with her.  
Her cousins came for the New year and stayed at a Hotel in Salt Lake and came to visit her daily.  
We were More than excited to take her home on January 15th 2014.

Each of the kids had their own sleepover with Ivy and slept with me on the couch in her room. 
ugh! {ha}
She loved every moment of those special sleepovers, they would color, help her with her physical therapy, watch movies, etc.  The nurses were so amazing to us, and of course let my kids do ANYTHING and eat anything they wanted, just to help the sleepover more special.
 I love these people SO much!  

 Witney made this beautiful painting and it lit up the whole room! We loved looking at it 
along with all the balloons and flowers we kept receiving!

after a while, Ivy didn't like sleeping in her hospital bed, so she slept in mine.  Love her!

***Chrismas Morning for Ivy ***

 I will never forget her sweet face and excitement when she woke up and saw that Santa had found her at the Burn Unit!  Still brings tears to my eyes.  
She loved all her presents, and especially that Saige, her American girl doll now had a 
wheelchair and crutches. Ha! A Christmas that we will always cherish with our sweet girl. 

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