Sunday, December 08, 2013


Our Thanksgiving Feast was spent with the Taylor's this year, at Jake and Andrea's. It was 
delicious!  Cory and Shea decided to both make the turkeys, cory's traditional and shea did his Smoked.  both were amazing!!

That morning the boys played their annual football game at the Hansen's 
and then they all went skeet shooting.  After Thanksgiving, we played Bingo with the kids.
They loved their dollar prizes, which kept them entertained for hours.  

That night at 7pm we went with my sisters to see Disney's "Frozen"  it was possibly the cutest
show i've seen in a while.  Kids loved it and then i sent them home with their daddy while 
my sisters and I went "Black Friday" shopping!! 

We picked out our Christmas Tree on friday and decorated it, while making Hot chocolate
and listening to christmas music super loud!  I love Traditions!!  

I love how my little miss asked for the turkey leg! hahaha!  


Our perfect tree!!  we love getting real trees it smells so wonderful!

my cutest little elves....

  Then on Saturday we went to Temple square with the Johnson cousins to see the lights 
and shoparound and then eat at "Red Rock"  it was  a perfect Thanksgiving break!

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