Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Cory!

Cory is a simple guy who doesn't like a lot of attention, especially on his birthday.  I tried
to have Boston print out a note for him while i was at the Hospital with Ivy, and reminded
him to have all the kids write a cute letter to their daddy. 

Boston was AWESOME!!  He made him the absolute cutest card and letter and had
the kids all sign it. He made his birthday special even though the circumstances. He's 
such an awesome young man.  Plus he knew how much i love to celebrate everyone's 
birthday, especially their dad!  

Cory is seriously such an amazing dad and husband.  My kids are blessed
beyond measure to have him as example to follow and to look up too.  HE has set the bar extremely high for my girls, which makes my heart extremely full!  He is our Rock!  
I love how much they love and adore him.    

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