Thursday, February 22, 2007

She is our little Princess!

We are just laughing at Olivia latley, She is such a Mother Hen to Hayes! She told him "Hayes Get down" Now". And "Hayes, No touch that" She is like his Mother!

She Knows all of her Princesses by age 2! How funny is that. She will point to her Princess purse where all the Princesses are and Name them one by one! Our favorite is when she says "Sleeping Beauty" it sounds like "Shake your Booty" But everyone else she pronounces just right!

She loves to be the Boss! I think she will always be that way too. (unfortunatley) O' well she is woman hear her Roar, Right?
Girls are the Best! You have to at least have one Jenn! ha ha!
I absolutley adore having Boy/Girl twins! It is so fun to watch and interesting that She is all girl and Hayes is All BOY!
Tonight we are on For Book Club! I am so excited too, I loved this Book "Findind Noel" It was a great Read and I cried the whole book! (maybe It was because it was like 2 in the morning when I finished it )


Granum Family said...

Olivia is so cute! I love how Hayes and Olivia have their own fun, cute personalities!!! I would love to have boy/girl twins. Heck... I'd love just to have a baby!!! Hint, hint Bryan!

KB said...

She could not be cuter! That is so sweet that she likes to take care of Hayes, he is just as darling as have awesome kids!

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