Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We're Home!

We had such a Relaxing time in Cabo.... We hung out all day on the Beach or by the Pool, Ordered food, Got Facials, Massages, Scrubs, etc... and Worked out, We left our Hotel one night for our anniversary and that was it! It was so Great, Cory read 1 book that was a 500 pager and I got to read 2 1/2 books! NACHOOOOO......

We arrived home last night at 8:30 pm! We were so excited to see the kids! Olivia ran straight to her dad and Hayes ran straight to me, It was so funny! Boston came running down the Stairs to get his Sweet Nacho Libre Mask, we got him from Mexico!
We got Hayes and Olivia Marachas (sp) and Boston his Mask and a Chess Set! He loves it!

Now I have Laundry going and a grocery list in Progress, we are starting our South Beach Diet today "PHASE 1" If you don't know what I am talking about..... Go get the Book, It's Fabulous!
I have been watching Hayes and Olivia Blow pencils on the Ground and Watch them roll (more like spit) Who did they learn that from? haha
Thanks so much Candace and Judd for Loving the Kids and Taking care of our Home!

I am off to get Lunch for Jenn and See how her and that cute little baby are doing! I have been dying to see him!

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