Thursday, February 08, 2007


Caden, Boston, Olivia & Chase

Boston, Chase, Jaren, and the Morton Boys!

So we have been a little Busy.....

Tuesday night we had our Ward Party at Classic Skating! It was a Hit, We all had a good time! I even pushed Hayes and Olivia in the Stroller while Boston just Heeley'd around. (he tried Rollerblading for the first time and did Great! I don't think he is ready to go with me up the canyon quite yet. haha)

Wednesday I hit the Grocery Store and Costco! (Which is alot of work, especially when you have no food in the house) Did Laundry, Hung My canvas pictures, returned calls, Put clothes away, etc.. etc... etc...

Tonight We made Kelly dinner and Jenn's Family! So I've been busy in the Kitchen.
Boston had his Parent Teacher Conference today. We already knew he was a Great Student, but now we know he is the COOLEST kid too! She said that all the Kids flock to him, he is such a cool kid. He is reading at a 2nd grade level and now she is having him do a Book report, and Research and Present it to the Class! (He is so excited)

Tomorrow I have Clara's cleaning Crew in the Morning, Some Lunch with my Friends from California and a Dinner Date with Troy and Daph!

I am off to read my book that I am loving..... The Red Tent! It's a great one. Heather you just have to get passed the first couple chapters, you would really like it!

Happy Birthday Tomorrow to SHAE! 11 years old, It's easy for me to know how old she is, because she was born 1 week after Cory and I were married!

Good Night!!!

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Heather said...

See--I told you you could find time to read if you got into a book you liked! It's addicting. Let me know how it turns out; I took my copy to DI already.

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